LOGOS: The Face of Your Brand


There are a few things one should consider when designing the perfect logo for a business. One, what does your business provide, and who is your target audience? And once you answer that question, you would have a good idea of how you want to style your logo. Do you want it to be sleek and professional or colorful and playful? Are you attracting kids, teens, or adults? Is it the everyday person or a professional of a specific field? And while deciding who it is you are trying to attract, you must know how you want to be seen by your audience. You must ask yourself does this particular style represents your company well. Does it display the vision and values of your business? Does it reveal a hint as to what it is your company provide? Is it clothing, is it tech, is it everyday products, is it services? Based on what and how your company serves its customers, you want to choose colors and fonts that identify how you want the viewer to view your logo. Consider the psychological effects of your logo, such as the emotions it stirs up inside the person viewing it. (See figures A and B) Do you want your customers to see you as safe and dependable or exciting and friendly?

Lastly, remember you want your logo to be distinguishable, memorable, and relatable to customers! You want it to be a clear representation of what your company is about, including what it services or sells, what you value and envision for your brand. It should be attractive in the sense that when customers see it they feel a connection to your company whether it be a feeling of trust or a feeling of creativity. 

Figure A:                                                  

 Figure B: